Favourites So Far



Where it all began! Essential oils were first introduced to me when someone recommended I use lavender for my pups anxiety. In Googling different uses of essential oils, I came across peppermint, which can be used for headaches, energy boosts, and better breathing. As someone with horrible vision (I switch between contacts and glasses frequently, and do not see 20/20 out of either) headaches are a daily struggle. Ibuprofen was not fully effective, and I figured there was nothing to lose in trying something more natural. 

The peppermint oil actually worked! I carry it everywhere with me now, and when people asked me for ibuprofen for their headaches I gave them my bottle of peppermint oil instead.  


  • Headache relief (apply to forehead and temples)
  • Alleviate congestion (apply under nose and on chest)
  • Awaken senses! (diffuse or apply to back of the neck)