My Heart & Soul

heart and soul

Instagram reflects so much about who we are. It reflects what we value, our hobbies, our dreams, our inspirations. Scroll through your saved photos, and you'll see a mood board all about you that you didn't even know you were making. 

My Instagram feed is a lot of what I love right now:

Other writers. Fashion and  trends. Coffee. Lots of coffee. Minimal aesthetics (I'm not even sorry for this one). Puppies. Travel. Essential oils and natural living.

And a lot of what I love for the future:

More travel - all the places I have never been. Weddings (also not sorry for this one). Families. Homes and decor.

It's a delicate balance, of people who are just like me and people who lead lives I hope to create in the future. But sometimes it feels like it's too much of the future - too many engagement rings, too many dream homes, too many family portraits. That feels really far away sometimes (most of the time). 

Those accounts lead by mums and homemakers and families are hard to relate to, simply because I am not in that stage of life. As much as I want to see their lives, but I'm not a at a place where I can be part of those conversations. 

So when I started using my oils and hearing testimonies of successful women in the business, I dismissed a lot of their stories because their life looks nothing like mine. These women were raising kids, going to PTA meetings, organising play dates, grocery shopping for their family, building a home. Their needs for oils were vastly different than mine.

Which made it challenging when I started researching the lifestyle behind oils. Everywhere I looked was another blog about how oils changed the life of a family. How oils helped someone's kids. How oils offered financial freedom for someone's husband. And that's amazing and true - but I am a single student working part time. I don't need oils to help my family - I need to feel grounded, I need relief from anxiety attacks, and I need something to help me sleep better. 

This is my life... 

Hopeful law student. Busy retail associate. Raising a nervous, nervous puppy. Travelling frequently because post college life sent my friends all across the country. 
Anxious. Stressed. Emotional. 
Follower of Jesus.

Maybe your life looks more like mine.

Maybe there's a niche in social media for all walks of life. Even the walks that feel mundane next to the travel bloggers and fashion models. Even the walks that reflect seasons of independence, singleness, and slowness. And the walks that reflect the busyness of multiple jobs, titles, and responsibilities. 

Maybe when I tell you I use a specific oil for headaches or anxiety attacks or my dogs nervousness, that will relate more than the mum using oils for teething, sleeping, and pregnancy. 

Maybe it's all important and there's a place for all of it. So this is a space for someone like me.